What we do and who we are

The Neuro-Toxicity Research Foundation is an independent foundation investigating what has become known as Aerotoxic Syndrome. This syndrome is caused by toxic substances in the air that people breathe. Firstly, it conducts research into the context between toxic substances and the functioning of the brain and, secondly, it endeavours to substantiate whether the demonstrably manifest symptoms and pathologies can actually be associated with Aerotoxic Syndrome. We are a young, ambitious foundation, set up in 2022, and are highly motivated. Our main focus is obtaining recognition of this pervasive condition as an official occupational disease. If Aerotoxic Syndrome is substantially classified as an occupational disease, the possibility of financial compensation exists for patients whose occupational disability is found to be a result of this crippling syndrome.

The board of Stichting Neuro-Toxicity Research Foundation is composed as follows:

Chairman – Robbert Bolsenbroek

Robbert is a passionate person who wants to make a valuable contribution to the world. As an honest, open and result-oriented entrepreneur with a great compassion for people, he is focused on connecting and guiding companies and people in their development. Together with his business partner, he set up the Interface Group. Interface Group invests with knowledge, network & capital in progressive companies that realize business transformations.

Robbert has a background in both economics and psychology. Before he founded a headhunting firm at the age of thirty, he worked for various companies in various commercial, consultancy and management positions. During this time he discovered that in every organization people make the difference.

Robbert grew up in Castricum and currently lives with his wife and two sons on the edge of the beautiful Oostvaardersplassen in Lelystad, which he considers a hidden gem of the Netherlands. He likes travelling, sports and a Burgundian lifestyle. For example, he can regularly be found with good friends and business associates in one of the many beautiful restaurants in our country.

Robbert has a rich life experience and can be described as a lived person. He sees himself as both a teacher and a student of life and is always ready to gain new knowledge and experience with fresh eyes and to apply them practically to move the world forward.

Secretary – Gijs de Jong

Gijs is a former teacher in the field of education. He worked as a scientific officer in the Department of Defence, specifically in the Royal Military Police. Throughout his career as an author and trainer at Stichting Politie Vormingscentrum (SPV), as content director at Exapol Examination Centre for Safety and Security and as an editor and editor-in-chief at Dutch multimedia publishers Sdu, Gijs has been very much involved in people's lives as a philosopher and behavioural scientist.

Treasurer – Dick Koster

After studying Law and Change Management, Dick worked for the North and East Gelderland Police Department in various departments until 1996. From 1996, he was seconded as a director of the Stichting Politie Vormingscentrum (SPV) training institute in Vaassen. Dick is involved in several community organisations, which is also his reason for wanting to get involved with Stichting Neuro-Toxicity Research Foundation.