About Ronald van der Kuil

Ronald van der Kuil is a specialist in the field of functional neurology and founder of the Functional Neurological Institute in Lisse, the Netherlands. He became interested in Aerotoxic Syndrome about six years ago. A patient who was professionally active in the aviation industry at the time contacted his institute with a variety of unexplained neurological disorders. After conducting a thorough examination, the patient’s symptoms were found to be associated with Aerotoxic Syndrome, a syndrome caused by inhaled polluted air that was relatively unknown at the time. Since then, the phenomenon has been an almost daily topic at the treatment centre and there has been a more or less constant flow of both domestic and foreign patients from the aviation industry. From pilots, flight attendants, technicians and ground baggage workers to passengers who frequently fly more than six times a year. However, the group of patients also includes employees from other occupational groups, such as agriculture, horticulture, inland shipping, submarine services, housing painting, oil platforms and the construction and wood industries, who experience discomfort in the performance of their jobs after prolonged exposure to toxic substances – including organophosphates.

Apart from the personal suffering that affects Ronald van der Kuil enormously, it angers him that patients diagnosed with the syndrome need to actively fight for recognition of their symptoms as well as for financial compensation as a result of their occupational disability, as Aerotoxic Syndrome is not recognised as an occupational disease.

After an earlier purely toxicological-based study of toxic substances – including organophosphates – in the aviation industry, it is crucial, in the interest of the rapidly growing group of patients, to conduct a large-scale scientific study that has a neurological angle. A study of both the relationship between toxicants and neurological degeneration as a basis for the development of diagnostics of the syndrome and a therapeutic regime that provides tools and training to overcome early unnecessary health damage.

As of 1 October 2022, Ronald van der Kuil, in collaboration with specialists from the Amsterdam Medical Center, Mount Royal University Calgary (Canada) and Jena University (Germany), passionately and confidently launched the scientific study that is taking place at Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

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