Call 10 Active Cockpit Crew Members, Short-Haul, Europe

For our Pre-Protocol research, we are looking for 10 Active Cockpit Crew Members, Short-Haul, Europe.

Over the last 25 years, many studies and publications have appeared, but never before has the emphasis been placed on what is ultimately the mechanism responsible for the dysregulation of our body after exposure to toxic emissions.

Unfortunately, within the aviation industry, employees become directly or indirectly involved in partial and/or full incapacitated for work.

This unique research is therefore absolutely necessary and is being done in collaboration with various Universities within Europe. The findings from this Pre-Protocol study will be used for the final Protocol study.

Are you flying Short-Haul within Europe, and would you like to help us with this crucial Investigation? Then you can contact us via the attached form for more information and registration. (Of course, the Neuro Toxicity Research Foundation fully respects your privacy and personal information in the context of our studies)

PURPOSE: Pre- and Post Blood Analysis, to evaluate possible toxic emissions incurred, by taking blood before and immediately after your flight.

The logistics, if possible, for this survey will take place close to your own premises to guarantee your privacy.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. It is not only about the diagnostic and therapeutic value of this research, but first and foremost to protect yourself and future colleagues from this as yet unrecognized dormant occupational disease.

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